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Ready to add the personalized benefits of DNA testing to your menu of health & wellness products?   

Saliva Collection & Custom-Branded Packaging
Global Direct-To-Donor Fulfillment
Specialized DNA Array Sequencing
Personalized Results Interpretation & Reporting

At Spectrum DNA we specialize in delivering complete customized bioinformatic solutions. 

This science of collecting and analyzing complex biological data (Bioinformatics) offers your company the opportunity to deliver personalized product recommendations based on the results customers want to see from their unique body blueprint!
Learning from your customer's DNA can do things for your business like compliment its current product offering to increase sales, build awareness for undersold specialized product combos, or shine light on product offering gaps. In addition, you can add a recurring revenue stream by offering the added benefit of DNA clarity through repeated RNA testing. This additional, support-based genetic test offers your customers a snapshot of how their genes are responding to the recommended products, or specific environmental changes.
While all the development, science, and sequencing happening behind the scenes is very complex, our streamlined DTC genetic testing commercial integration is really quite simple.
The venture starts with a conversation to develop an understanding of what kind of genetic information your business could use to accomplish its goal. Then our team of experts get to work. 
• We customize or develop arrays to meet those specific needs.
• Next, we brand our DNA collection kit with your information, produce your kits, and store them at our facility.
• You market and sell your new personalized DNA-based product offering. After product is sold, we wait for donor fulfillment instructions to arrive from you.
• We then process your orders delivering your DNA collection kits direct-to-the-donor with complete real-time physical and digital chain-of-custody insights. This value-add gives you, and your customers, the benefit of process security as well as the added confidence that the DNA recommendations they receive truly belong to them.
• We provide your team with the customized results reporting you need to deliver the impactful value DNA supported product recommendations convey.
• Finally, you decide what happens to the processed samples and own all sequenced information.

What benefits can personalized DNA reporting offer?

The health and wellness industry has increasingly found value in DNA-supported reports for things like customized nutrition, fitness, skin care, supplements recommendations, and more. Until now, there has always been some form of a trial-and-error approach to our health and wellness. Understanding how our unique biology functions and responds allows us to work with our DNA instead of against it. Today we can make supported recommendations based on the knowledge of how specific genes dictate how our bodies process things like carbohydrates, fats, protein, micro-nutrients, and so much more. 

Not sure what kind of genetic information you want or can even find from DNA testing? Our Chief Science Officer will gladly offer your team suggestions and insights to help build a solid foundation that will continue to support additional DNA product ideas and product line growth.